The SkyttelPASS tag offers you

Discounts on all AutoPASS toll roads in Norway in vehicles up to 3500 kg and
in group M1

Discounts on AutoPASS for ferry and
Bastø Fosen

Notification of suspected irregular charges

Automatic reminder when selling a Norwegian privately owned vehicle

Automatic overview of charges made to your account

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Pay for your ferry journeys with the SkyttelPASS tag

Automatically receive a 10% discount on journeys with most ferry connections in Norway, including Bastø Fosen.

With the additional AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement, you will receive a 40-50% discount on all ferry connections in the AutoPASS for ferry scheme.

With the additional Bastø Fosen agreement, you will receive a 30% discount between Moss – Horten.

Ferje på havet