Your tailor-made agreement

It is often time-consuming for businesses with several vehicles to manage different tag agreements and thousands of transactions every month.

At SkyttelPASS, we offer tailor-made solutions that provide you and your business with significantly easier administration and maintenance.

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Pay for your ferry journeys with the SkyttelPASS tag

Automatically receive a 10% discount on journeys with most ferry connections in Norway, including Bastø Fosen.

With the additional AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement, you will receive a 40% discount on all ferry connections in the AutoPASS for ferry scheme.

With the additional Bastø Fosen agreement, you will receive a 30% discount between Moss – Horten.

Ferje på havet

Frequently asked questions

How many vehicles can I register on one tailor-made agreement?

You can register as many vehicles as you like on one agreement. If your business is a corporation, we can even link several customers together in one single agreement.

Can I use the tag/agreement for parking and access control?

For businesses, the SkyttelPASS tag and agreement can be used for access control and parking for those wishing to use a tag or the vehicle’s registration number as a registration unit.

How do I change information in my agreement?

You can easily change vehicle and contact information by logging in to My Page. Remember that changes you make to your SkyttelPASS agreement do not update your information in any additional agreements with AutoPASS for ferry and Bastø Fosen.