Order road toll tag

The SkyttelPASS tag is an AutoPASS-approved toll transponder that is used through all AutoPASS toll road points on roads, bridges and tunnels in Norway. The tag is also used on all Norwegian ferry connections that accept AutoPASS-approved tags as a means of payment.

How to order a new toll tag

  1. Click on “Order toll tag
  2. Enter your mobile number and verify your identity with a code received via SMS
  3. Accept contract terms and conditions
  4. Fill in the electronic form
  5. Submit the electronic form and receive your tag/tags by post

If you already have a SkyttelPASS agreement, you can order a new tag /tags on My Page.

AutoPASS discounts

  • 20% standard AutoPASS discount in all AutoPASS toll road points and toll ring areas in Norway with vehicles up to 3500 kg and in vehicle group M1.
  • 10% standard AutoPASS discount on journeys with all ferry connections in the AutoPASS for ferry scheme that accept AutoPASS-approved tags as a means of payment.
  • 40-50% AutoPASS discount on journeys with all ferry connections in the AutoPASS for ferry scheme upon creating the additional AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement.
  • Hourly discount and monthly cap in toll road points and toll ring areas which offer this.

Other discounts

  • 10% discount on Bastø Fosen between Moss – Horten. 30% discount upon creating the additional Bastø Fosen agreement.
  • 10% discount on ferries that are not part of the AutoPASS for ferry scheme but accept AutoPASS-approved tags as a means of payment.
  • See all prices and discounts here!

The benefits of having a SkyttelPASS tag

  • All your toll road charges and ferry journeys in one invoice, provided you do not have an additional agreement with AutoPASS for ferry and/or Bastø Fosen.
  • Automatically received overview of your toll road charges upon request.
  • Automatic reminder when selling a privately owned Norwegian vehicle.
  • One of Norway’s best customer service call centres!

Frequently asked questions about the SkyttelPASS tag

  • On all roads, bridges and tunnels in Norway that have AutoPASS toll road points.
  • On all ferries in Norway that accept AutoPASS-approved tags as a means of payment.
  • On the Bastø Fosen ferry connection between Moss – Horten.
  • On the Øresund Bridge between Malmö in Sweden and Copenhagen in Denmark.
  • On the Great Belt Bridge/Fixed Link on Zealand in Denmark.
  • On the ForSea ferry connection between Helsingør in Denmark and Helsingborg in Sweden.

A tag has a one-time cost of NOK 200. You can reuse the same tag by registering it to a different or new vehicle on your SkyttelPASS agreement.

SkyttelPASS does not invoice a monthly fee for its tag.

  1. Unpack the tag and wet wipe.
  2. Attach the tag to the tag holder provided.
  3. Wipe and thoroughly dry the correct windscreen area for attachment.
  4. Remove the tape guard on the tag holder.
  5. Press the tag holder firmly against the inside of the windscreen for 10 seconds.

The SkyttelPASS tag for businesses

The SkyttelPASS tag is for businesses as well as private customers.

  • Register an unlimited number of vehicles with individual SkyttelPASS tags on your SkyttelPASS agreement.
  • The SkyttelPASS tag and agreement can be used for access control and parking for those wishing to use a tag or vehicle’s registration number/licence plate number as a registration unit.
  • For businesses with a large number of vehicles to administrate, we offer tailor-made solutions.
  • Read more about the SkyttelPASS tag for businesses here!

How do I switch my current tag agreement to SkyttelPASS?

While the process of switching tag issuers may vary from issuer to issuer, these are the three simple steps if you want to switch from your current tag issuer to SkyttelPASS:

  1. Create a tag agreement with SkyttelPASS and add all the vehicles you want to register in the agreement.*  Upon creating an agreement, you will quickly be assigned a new tag number for your vehicle.
  1. Contact your former tag issuer and cancel your tag agreement with them.  Your new tag number from SkyttelPASS will be active in the AutoPASS systems within half an hour of creating your agreement with SkyttelPASS, after which you can contact your former tag issuer and cancel your agreement with them.
  1. If you have an additional agreement with, for example, AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement, Bastø Fosen Moss-Horten, the Øresund Bridge or the Storebælt Bridge, all you need to do is change the tag number in your agreement with them, and they will continue to work exactly as before.

* If you are a business customer with many vehicles and would like a tailor-made agreement for your company, replace step 1 with contacting us at storkunde@skyttelpass.no.

And as easy as one-two-three, you’ve changed your tag agreement!

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