Toll tag in Norway: Save money with an AutoPASS-approved road and ferry tag from SkyttelPASS

With a toll tag agreement from SkyttelPASS, you’ll save 20% on road tolls and up to 50% on most ferry crossings in Norway. Here’s why, when and how to order a tag.

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Why order a tag?

With numerous ferry crossings and many toll road points, driving in Norway may quickly become more costly than you expected. However, with a discount-providing tag – also known as a transponder – you can save quite a bit of money.

On roads, bridges and tunnels:

If your car weighs up to 3500 kg or is classified within the Norwegian vehicle group M1, ordering a tag will save you 20% on all AutoPASS toll road charges in Norway.

Vehicle group M1 includes vehicles with a maximum of eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat, such as most caravans and motorhomes, and some other large passenger vehicles.

As well as being a smart economical choice, a tag agreement also means you won’t receive separate invoices from the individual toll road companies that operate in different places. Instead, all toll road charges are gathered for you in one invoice from SkyttelPASS.

Unless you have an additional ferry agreement, most ferry crossings in Norway will also be on the same SkyttelPASS invoice as your toll road charges.

On ferries:

While only certain types of vehicles can receive toll road discounts, all vehicles with a tag agreement receive discounts on Norwegian ferries that accept tags as a means of payment. 

Ordering a tag will therefore save you up to 50% on most Norwegian ferries.

Here’s how it works:

  • Without an additional ferry agreement, your tag will automatically provide you with a 10% discount on all ferries in the AutoPASS for ferry scheme and Bastø Fosen between Moss – Horten. These ferry crossings will then be charged via your invoice from SkyttelPASS.  
  • By registering your tag number in the additional agreement AutoPASS for ferry prepayment agreement, private customers receive a 50 % discount on all ferries in the AutoPASS for ferry scheme. 
  • By registering your tag in the additional Bastø Fosen ferry agreement, you will receive a
    30% discount on ferry journeys between Moss-Horten.
  • The tag can also be used to pay for certain bridge and ferry crossings in Sweden, Denmark and Germany. You can read more about where the SkyttelPASS tag automatically works, and which additional discount providing agreements you can register your tag number in abroad, on our page Additional agreements and more.
Ferje til kai
Photograph: SkyttelPASS

When to order a tag

When ordering a tag, it may take a few weeks for postal services to deliver it to you. We therefore recommend that you order at least a month before you need it.

However, your tag number and licence plate number will usually become active in the AutoPASS-systems within half an hour of creating your SkyttelPASS tag agreement. This means that if you do not receive your tag in time, your licence plate number will be photographed and registered when passing a toll road point or entering a ferry. AutoPASS, AutoPASS for ferry and Bastø Fosen Moss-Horten will then check for any tag agreement and additional ferry agreements, thus providing you with your discounts.

Where to order a tag

You can order at SkyttelPASS tag here.

A tag has a one-time fee of NOK 200, and an estimated lifespan of 7-10 years.

The tag number is linked to the vehicle’s licence plate number in your agreement, and the tag can therefore only be used in one vehicle at a time.

If you wish to link your SkyttelPASS-tag to a different vehicle in your SkyttelPASS-agreement, you can easily do so on My Page.

If you are certain that you will not reuse your tag, please recycle as electronic waste (e-waste).

How to attach your tag

Firstly, the tag holder is designed to stick very well to the inside of your windshield. For a holiday in Norway, you may instead prefer to use double-sided tape which will allow for easier removal of the tag holder. After removal, follow recommended instructions for removal of your double-sided tape from glass.


Always make sure the tag does not obstruct your view.

In lighter vehicles, the tag should be placed on the right-hand side of the rearview mirror. The tag area is often outlined by a pattern. See pictures in this article for examples of correct placement.

In heavier vehicles, such as busses and lorries, the tag is generally attached at the bottom of the windscreen above resting windscreen wipers. If in doubt, contact the vehicle dealership.

A wet wipe is included to ensure the glass surface is clean before attaching the tag holder.

Photograph: SkyttelPASS

What is AutoPASS?

AutoPASS is the collective term for toll collection in Norway. SkyttelPASS is an AutoPASS-approved tag issuer which invoices toll road charges and ferry crossings on behalf of all the Norwegian AutoPASS toll road companies, ferry operators that are part of the AutoPASS for ferry scheme, and the Bastø Fosen ferry connection between Moss-Horten.

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Important notice on the legal responsibility of the tag agreement’s owner

Should somebody else drive the vehicle or use your tag in Norway or any other country where the tag and licence plate number will link towards your SkyttelPASS tag agreement or any additional agreements, you are legally responsible for paying the toll road/bridge/tunnel charges and ferry charges that incur for as long as the vehicle is registered to an agreement in your name. 

If you own the vehicle and have sold it, the vehicle must be removed from your SkyttelPASS tag agreement as soon as possible to deactivate the licence plate number and tag number from your agreement. You are legally responsible for paying any toll road/bridge/tunnel charges and ferry charges that incur for as long as the vehicle is registered to an agreement in your name, even if somebody else owns the vehicle. 


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Photograph: SkyttelPASS
Photograph: SkyttelPASS